Hi! I'm a civic technologist working on effective tools and methods for data-driven journalism and advocacy.

Against Decentralization

04.11.2015 In the free software/open web community, the notion that the web should be decentralized is more than a shared ideal, it is a piece of dogma. But are we really promoting a progressive vision of the web, or fighting a losing battle to avoid political engagement?

Keeping stock: investigative data warehouses

03.08.2015 Data warehouses are used in industry to manage the many datasets accrued inside a company that might be relevant to reporting and analysis. I want to propose a similar pattern for investigative journalism.

SpenDB, a data analysis tool for government finance, looking for testers!

30.06.2015 The first beta version of SpenDB features a small set of well-designed features for data import and analysis. Now the platform is ready to be adopted by anyone interested in exploring financial data, from budgets to procurement.

On Hacks/Hackers, Google and community building

04.06.2015 A few weeks ago, the US team of Hacks/Hackers announced their plans to turn the network of journalism innovators into a collaboration with Google News Labs, starting with an event in Berlin. I tweeted about this, and Phillip Smith wrote a thoughtful reaction. Given this invitation to debate, I wanted to outline my criticism in more detail.

SpenDB, a light-weight tool for government financial data

03.06.2015 Over the past few months, I have spent my weekends simplifying and modernizing the OpenSpending codebase to create SpenDB - a prototype-stage, light-weight data loading tool and analytical API for government financial data.

Who’s got dirt? - What if robots could do cross-border investigations?

30.05.2015 If we want to make open data relevant to investigative journalism, we have to simplify the way people access it. We must create a way for our data tools to talk to each other and trade information about the companies and people we are researching.

8 things you probably believe about your data standard

21.05.2015 Developing open data standards is all the rage. In fact, chances are that you're drawing one up right now (I am). In that case, here's a list of things you may believe about your data standard, but that are probably not true.

A Tale of Two Networks

19.05.2015 I've had the chance to contribute to two influence mapping projects in South Africa and Mozambique. While both projects focus on finding possible conflicts of interest within a small group of politically exposed persons, their approach has been very different.
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