Hi! I'm a civic technologist working on effective tools and methods for data-driven journalism and advocacy.

8 things you probably believe about your data standard

21.05.2015 Developing open data standards is all the rage. In fact, chances are that you're drawing one up right now (I am). In that case, here's a list of things you may believe about your data standard, but that are probably not true.

A Tale of Two Networks

19.05.2015 I've had the chance to contribute to two influence mapping projects in South Africa and Mozambique. While both projects focus on finding possible conflicts of interest within a small group of politically exposed persons, their approach has been very different.

Data doesn't grow in tables: harvesting journalistic insight from documents

15.05.2015 When we discuss data journalism, we often tend to think of nicely formatted spreadsheets full of financial data or crime stats. Yet most journalistic source material does not take the form of tables, but it comes in messy collections of documents, whether on paper, or scraped off a web site.

Why influence mapping matters to journalism

13.12.2014 Building Grano started with a desire to map political and economic influences. Developing it further has made us re-examine our motivations: why would journalists want software to help map out the connections between people in politics and industry?

What if journalists had story writing tools as powerful as those used by coders?

03.12.2014 When software developers write code, they often use tools called IDEs, integrated development environments, that provide contextual information needed to manage the complexity of modern software. What would such a workspace look like, if it were designed for journalism?

Oil Rush on Edgar Creek

12.11.2014 I've worked with OpenOil in an effort to find oil contracts which have been been published as part of filings to the US stock exchange regulator, the SEC. While these contracts are not usually public, companies are required to file full contract documents as part of their annual reports under certain conditions.

Grano advanced queries, and Linked Data

01.09.2014 The sad story of how the need for complex queries lead me to try and migrate grano to use linked data.

Civic Patterns, a language for news and citizen engagement design

25.06.2014 We're launching a catalogue of design patterns for civic engagement that is aimed not just at digital NGOs, but also media organisations.
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