DataFreeze - scripted static data exports

Every hour, Spiegel Online serves more than half a million visitors. To make that work, all content has to be served via a CDN. For data-driven applications that means: no dynamic queries can be served easily, data needs to be static. This doesn’t need to be a showstopper for great content, sites like the UNDP data explorer demonstrate that often, a set of JSON file is enough to power a great project.

DataFreeze (now dataset, ed.) facilitates the creation of such applications by freezing relational data from a SQL database into a set of easy-to-use JSON and CSV files. What data is included gets controlled by a Freezefile - a simple YAML or JSON file that specifies queries, output file names and formats. A sample Freezefile would look like this:


  database: "postgresql://user:password@localhost/operational_database"
  prefix: project/data/
  format: json


  - query: "SELECT id, title, date FROM events"
    filename: "index.json"

  - query: "SELECT id, title, date, country FROM events"
    filename: "countries/{{country}}.csv"
    format: csv

  - query: "SELECT * FROM events"
    filename: "events/{{id}}.json"
    mode: item

Of course, all of this is not a very hard problem to solve - but DataFreeze does it in a clean and simple way that invites you to document your workflow so it becomes repeatable by others.

Check out the GitHub repository: pudo/dataset.