Update on ReGENESIS: API and Slides

It’s been two weeks since I’ve first blogged about ReGENESIS, and the project has gathered some very positive feedback. I’ve been able to present the site to a number of people and to extend the functions of the site. Here’s a few quick updates:

JSON API for statistics

One of the key value propositions of ReGENESIS had been the option to get live statistical data and to use it to quickly render out visualizations and charts. This means providing functions like filters, aggregations and web data formats like JSON.

I’d initially been relucant to run an API server for ReGENESIS, but I’ve now come to believe that creating a purely flat-file driven interface is not possible. That’s why I’ve now extended the package to generate configurations for Stefan Urbanek’s excellent Cubes package.

This service provides a simple, OLAP-inspired HTTP API which can be used to easily access each of the data cubes provided by the Regionalstatistik portal. Check out the ReGENESIS API introduction.

Hacks/Hackers in Berlin

Thanks to Annabel, I was able to present ReGENESIS at this week’s Hacks/Hackers meetup in Berlin to an audience of tech and journalism enthusiasts. The pitch was aimed to explain the advantages of ReGENESIS data format to non-experts, and to call them to try out the data provided by the service.

I’ve embedded the slide deck below.

Full set of statistics

Soon after I’d published the initial post about ReGENESIS, people started pointing out that some of the statistics published on the Regionalstatistik site were missing from the database. This was caused by a bug in the initial scraper, which I’ve now fixed. This means the number of datasets published on the site has near doubled, including the availability of electoral statistics for many of the German federal states.